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Village of Great Neck Plaza
2 Gussack Plaza
P.O. Box 440
Great Neck, NY 11022-0440
Phone: 516-482-4500
Fax: 516-482-3503

Friendly Parking in Great Neck Plaza

Garage Parking Information
Street Parking Information
Snowstorm Parking Information

VGNP Parking Map


VGNP Parking Brochure

The Village of Great Neck Plaza now offers mobile payments for parking by its residents, shoppers and visitors.  This pilot program is being rolled out in the in the Village’s three open municipal parking lots containing 300+ spaces, and the app is available for customers using Parkmobile’s app for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.  Look for Parkmobile’s colorful green signs and decals for instructions on how to use this service.

Parkmobile, LLC , the leading provider for on-demand and prepaid mobile payments for on- and off-street parking, is very simple and easy to use.  Customers first must register by downloading the mobile app in their phone’s app store or online at www.parkmobile.com.  Once registered, they may use the mobile app, internet, or the toll-free number 1-877-727-5730 to pay for parking.  After setting up their account, customers can immediately start using the system with their registered mobile phone. Mobile app users may also choose to receive alerts and reminders 15 minutes prior to their parking session expiring – provided a user hasn't reached the maximum parking duration.

This convenient service also provides customers the ability to receive alerts when their meter time is about to expire, extend their time remotely without returning to the meter, as well as print and keep receipts for parking.  Additionally, enforcement officers will be able to see that a motorist has paid with Parkmobile using their wireless handheld devices, so customers should not worry when the meter does not change. Parkmobile’s mobile payment solution is an added payment option and is intended to complement existing parking payment options. All existing forms of payment are still valid for use.

Parkmobile’s services have been adopted in more than 2,000 locations, including 36 of the top 100 cities in the U.S. by millions of registered users.  For more information, visit their website at www.parkmobile.com, on Twitter @Parkmobile, or facebook.com/Parkmobile.

For instructions on how to register and use Parkmobile please click here.

Demo Videos for Parkmobile:
iPhone Video- http://vimeo.com/44336290
Android Video - http://vimeo.com/44393561


Helpful parking hints to make your shopping experience in Great Neck Plaza more pleasurable.

  • When possible, park in municipal lots where the meters give you more time; generally four hours versus two hours on-street. Parking meters cost only $0.25 per 30 minutes.
  • Park between the designated painted lines.
  • Check your registration and inspection expiration dates.
  • Take advantage of year round FREE PARKING all day on Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays and daily after 5 p.m. in the structured municipal garages in the permit spaces at Plaza Centre and Maple Drive (Does NOT include meters in the garage, on the street or in the open parking lots).
  • Don't be shy - put an extra quarter in the meter so in case you take longer then expected you can avoid possibly getting a ticket.
  • Change for the parking meters is available at most friendly Plaza merchants.
  • Don't park at a broken meter (indicating "Failed") - you may get ticketed. Please call us at 482-4500 and report the meter as broken so that we can get it checked out and fixed.
  • For everyone's safety, please refrain from double parking. It is illegal and we strictly enforce all violations dealing with public safety, emergency vehicle access (fire lanes and hydrants).

The fees for metered parking on Village streets and parking lots is $0.25 per 30 minutes. You must deposit money into the meter between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday.

There is no fee for metered parking on Village streets or parking lots on Sundays and the following holidays (and/or the observance days thereof): New Year's Day; Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; Presidents' Day, Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Columbus Day; Veterans Day; Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Garage Parking Permit Information
Employers and employees who work within the Village of Great Neck Plaza are eligible and are encouraged to obtain a quarterly Commercial Parking Permit in one of the Village’s municipal garages and the Atria Great Neck permit spaces.  These Commercial Parking Permits are priced to be cheaper than the daily parking meter rates and thus, are incentivized so that workers in the Village park appropriately in the designated long-term garage parking areas.  This is intended to allow the municipal parking lots closer to the retail stores to have turnover and be available for our shoppers and visitors.  For workers that are less than full-time, we also have available pro-rated Commercial Parking Permits based on the number of days you work, e.g. one to three days.  However, your schedule must be for specific days, (for example, Mon., Wed., Fri.) which will be indicated on your permit.  Commercial Parking Permits are required to produce proof of employment by your employer. 

Residents of multiple dwellings in the Village of Great Neck Plaza are eligible to receive a Residential Parking Permit in one of our municipal garages, one per household, on a limited basis.  To obtain a parking garage permit you will be required to complete the proper garage parking application and attach a copy of your current driver's license and current vehicle registration.  Residents will also be required to produce two forms of proof of residency.
Cost:  Currently Commercial and Residential Parking Permits $90.00 per quarter (3 months).

In addition to quarterly parking permits, the Village has created eight (8) long-term parking meters on the rooftop of the Plaza Centre Garage on Gussack Plaza.  These permits are useful to those businesses who hire seasonal or part-time employees for their “crunch” work periods within the Village of Great Neck Plaza, such as the holidays, or tax season, etc.  Please come in to Village Hall during permit hours (see below) to purchase a $5 parking permit.  You will then be able to park at one of the 10-hour meters but you will have to deposit quarters into the meters for the amount of time that you want to park.

When space permits, the Village may also issue Commuter Parking Permits, on a first-come, first-serve basis, for residents of the Great Neck Peninsula that commute via public transportation (LIRR) to New York City. There are only a limited number of Commuter Parking Permits available, quarter to quarter, and these spaces are designated on the rooftop of the Plaza Center Garage.  The number of commuter spaces is subject to change, depending on the season, and weather conditions.  Also, the number fluctuates depending on the availability of Commercial Parking Permits sold.  To obtain a parking garage permit you will be required to complete the proper garage parking application and attach a copy of your current driver's license and current vehicle registration.  Renewals of commuter permits are not guaranteed and can only be done in person at Village Hall starting the 20th of the month (or alternate date if the 20th falls on a weekend) prior to the start of the quarter.  Commuter parking permits are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis and once filled unserved persons will be placed on a waiting list.
Cost:  Currently $250.00 per quarter (3 months)

Garage Parking Permit Hours
All garage parking permits are only issued at certain times in Village Hall according to a set schedule, which is currently Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and from 12:00 Noon to 1:00 p.m.  Once you are registered with a quarterly parking permit, subsequent quarterly permits may be renewed by mail, except for Commuter Parking Permits, which must be renewed in person at Village Hall.

Street Parking Permit Information
Street parking permits are issued only to residents of multiple dwellings within the Village of Great Neck Plaza.  This permit exempts you from the three hour parking limit between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on the non-metered streets in the Village of Great Neck Plaza. Please note that this permit does not exempt you from the street cleaning regulations or any other parking regulation on our streets, lots or garages. We also issue special street parking permits to residents of single-family homes.  These permits are slightly different, so please contact the Village Hall at (516) 482-4500 for further information. To receive a permit, you must complete an application and submit the applicant's original current car registration and valid driver's license.  If the Village address is not on the license and registration, then two proofs of residency must be shown (signed lease or contract, current utility bill or or a letter from the board/management company stating you are residing in the apartment).  The cost for the permit is $10.00 for a two year period payable by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard. Replacement permits are also $10.00.

Street Parking Permit Hours
Street parking permits are issued at Village Hall Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Parking regulations during snowstorms
Alternate street parking will be suspended in the Village of Great Neck Plaza for a period of 24 hours after the cessation of a snow storm of at least 4 inches of snow, as published by the National Weather Service. During major snowstorms, the Village may allow parking in the Village’s two municipal garages at Plaza Centre and Maple Drive, provided you have a VGNP resident sticker or a VGNP Gargage quarterly permit. Please be advised that parking is prohibited in spots designated for Handicapped Parking (unless you have a valid handicapped parking permit), Village Officials and employee parking or Police Parking. Please call Village Hall at 482-4500 to confirm if parking will be permitted during the storm and for how long, as this allowance will vary according to the magnitude of the storm and the day/time of the storm.