To test your knowledge about the Village’s history and architecture, we invite you to take this quiz. Questions will change from month to month, so come back and learn how much you know about Great Neck. All the answers can be found in the survey or Village publications. Good luck!

What famous poet and real estate speculator owned property in Great Neck Plaza?
  1.  Robert Frost
  2. Dylan Thomas
  3. Bloodgood Cutter
  4. Elizabeth Browning
What hotel was torn down in the 1980s after it fell into disrepair?
  1. The Brookwood Hotel
  2. The Colony Hotel
  3. The Wychwood Tea Room
  4. The Playhouse
What New York City mayor later moved to Great Neck?
  1. Robert Wagner
  2. James Walker
  3. William Havemeyer
  4. William R. Grace